Many designs are loved by many but, there might be a veteran that served in Iraq that would rather have their embroidery placed on a classic woodland pattern instead because they wore that camo on active duty as well.

If you don’t see something you would want on your polo; contact us so that we can determine if we can embroider that image on your polo. We can do lettering, but some images are very detailed and may not be represented as the digital image appears.

Here are some embroidery images we currently use:

If you have the image you want already converted to an embroidery file then we can embroider that for you with a charge of the actual embroidery and polo only. If the image needs to be converted then there will be a one time set up fee applied to the final cost.  To maintain maximum flexibility with our polos; we do not embroider them until an order has been placed.

We have many embroidery options to meet the needs of our customers. But, some would rather have the shirt blank so that they can embroider their business logo or another design to their liking.

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