The Patriotic Apparel Shop at Proud Americans Who Serve honoring service and our unique American Heritage.  These high quality polo shirts and tee shirts are made with jersey mesh quality and colors, like our American Patriots, that do not run.


Betsy Ross, the Colonial Minutemen, Defiant Patriots and more, our patriotic apparel honors the American Patriots who serve and have served. From the American Revolution to those who serve in our military today we have a style honoring you or your loved one.  The military patriot apparel includes polo shirts with symbols of our United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and Space Force.  From our united states military veterans of the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars to those who served in Vietnam, Korea and all foreign wars and conflicts.

Our patriotic apparel shows pride and commitment to country and home. We invite you to take a look.

The Military Apparel Shop at Proud Americans Who Serve honoring military service past and present. Find American Marine Polo Shirts, US Navy Polo’s, polo shirts featuring the American Flag and United States Air Force as well as US Army polo’s and more.  Every branch of the United States military is honored in these polo shirts and tee’s.


Our heritage apparel shows pride and honors all those who struggled to become Americans.  From the Irish-American immigrants who served in the American Revolution, (one British Army officer to testified at the House of Commons that “half the rebels, referring to soldiers in the Continental Army, were from Ireland”  to the  German Americans, Italian Americans, Japanese and British Americans, all who served this United States throughout our history.  We invite you to check out our American Heritage shop and honor those who contributed so much to our American Experience as well as those who continue to serve our American Communities today. American Heritage apparel is an integral part of our American Patriotic Apparel Shop.