From ranchers and farmers, to those who work in construction, in hospitals and more


        The Proud Americans Who Serve apparel designs began as custom paint jobs on firearms. They were painted to closely resemble either a military branch of service or a war era camouflage.   The cool custom designs on many types’ of rifle, pistols, and shotguns for private, city, county, state and federal clients, led to requests for more. Impressed with the details and uniqueness of the paintwork and themes, people began asking for shirts that reflected the same unique, and custom themes honoring the Proud Americans Who Serve our country everyday in all walks of life and thus Proud American Who Serve Patriotic Apparel was born.  Each month we add designs to include all those who serve in every walk of life.

Thank you for your service!

Starting at $36.00

Dry-Fit Jersey Mesh Polo

The entire Proud Americans Who Serve Polo line is made with high quality Jersey mesh polyester material to ensure you have a polo shirt that will be the same size and quality after numerous washes with colors that are unwavering in detail and resilience.

Unparalleed breathability for superior cooling, the Proud Americans Who Serve Polos, Jersey mesh technology ensures breathable comfort all day long.  Made with flat lock stitching using 4 needles with 6 threads overlocking.  Colors are locked in, keeping designs and colors crisp, making the Marine Patriot Polo Shirt a favorite all season long.

Our Reviews

I love my shirt the quality is as I imagined. I am in direct sales and my customers 😊 have commented more on how it looks than anything I have worn. Thanks!

Mike Haines,

Made it my uniform

I love this shirt so much I made it my company’s uniform shirt. Will be ordering oh so many more.

Steven Pyell,
Veterans Polo Shirts
“Really feeling myself in this new polo from Proud Americans Who Serve, a veteran-owned apparel company with unique polo designs.
I feel like it makes my eyes pop. Enjoy the week ahead! Go forth and change the world!”
Jason Graven, Task Force 20

Freakin’ Amazing Polo!!!

This polo shirt is even better than I expected. Whenever I wear it to work, everyone compliments me on how much they like it as well. I would wear it every day if I could get away with it!! … Keep up the great work!


American Pride

Absolutely love this shirt. It was my reward to myself for losing 80lbs. Went from a 3XL to an XL. Shirts fit perfectly and people cannot keep their eyes off of them! Thank you!


Patriotic polo shirt

This shirt is a huge hit, not just the look of it but the way the shirt feels on the body. I ordered two of these shirts and I need to order one more for backup, asap soon as you get XL back in!

Monica Prescott

Awesome Patriot Polo

This is true to fit top quality polo! The description doesn’t say, but it is made of 100% quick-drying polyester that wicks away moisture.

Guy Matsuda,

Starting at $36.00

From Vietnam to Desert Storm the Proud Americans Who Serve War Era Polo’s have a story to tell. In the late 1960s the U.S. realized that tensions were growing in Middle East (primarily between Israel and its Arab neighbors). The need for a desert camouflage uniform in the event of a large scale desert war apparent. The Desert Battle Dress Unifomr (DBDU) was the American arid-environment camo pattern that was developed using the rocky terrain of the California Deserts as a template, the six Color Desert pattern was created and introduced in 1977 but did not begin large scale production until 1981.  Read More


Uniquely Designed and Outstanding Comfort

Women’s Patriotic Apparel

Custom Polo’s for your Business or Team

Superior quality, Superior looks.


Our newest Polo’s and Tee’s

Arrive in style in the latest Subdued Tee or Heritage themed Polo Shirt or Tee.

The HERITAGE Collection!

Honor your ancestors with our new Heritage Collection Apparel. Mexican-American, Italian-American, Irish-America and More, this new style line is for all Proud Americans.