To ensure your polo fits after multiple washings and if you also wear an undershirt, the polo fabric size will be cut 20% LARGER than standard cut sizes.

So, if you wear another brand’s (Large) Polo and it fits or is slightly snug, then our Large polo will fit “comfortably”*.

If on the other hand; the other brand’s Polo (large) is “perfect or slightly loose”**, then you may consider ordering one size smaller than what you normally wear.

Our polo sizing was created with long term wear in mind and in the event they shrink due to high heat drying or you need to wear an undershirt; the polo will wear as the size promised.

Some shirts that are non-polyester or polyester/cotton mix will shrink with washing and drying. Please consider this when placing your order to avoid getting a too small or large polo.

* The term “comfortably” refers to the polo having very little to no skin contact around the torso and abdomen area.
** “Perfect or slightly loose” is referring to the other brand’s polo that wears as desired in its NEW unwashed condition.

Polo Sizing

Sizes                       Small     Medium     Large     X-Large     2X-Large     3X-Large     4X-Large

Men’s Chest          32-35       35-38        38-41      41-44           44-48            52-56           56-60

Women’s Bust     30-32       33-35        35-38       38-41          44-47            47-50