Quality control standards and high product expectations are what we dedicate and work hard for. We inspect and scrutinize everything we do from the beginning of the designing process and the cutting of templates to preparing the paint and ensuring the color pigment meets our standards and expectations for the intended design.

Due to our high volume of sublimation printing and bulk fabric purchases to have these polos made and on rare occasions; some polo shirts may have very small thread or pattern defects. We inspect each shirt as best as we can to ensure the shirt is of the highest quality and meets the needs / expectations of our customers.

Should a defect and/or a mistake occur on our part that is unacceptable to you; please contact us via our contact page and give us the opportunity to correct the problem, so we can ensure that our highest standard of customer satisfaction is met.

We value every customer we have and this company knows the value of one customer!

Any disputed issues will be addressed as soon as possible. Should a confirmed error occur on our part, we will issue a return shipping package to have the merchandise returned. We will also send a product return authorization code that must be included in the package / box with items being returned.

We will correct / replace any confirmed mistakes within our responsibility as soon as possible and return said product(s) to the customer at no additional cost.